Bids, RFQ's, & RFP's

The City will often solicit vendors for projects and other services through a procurement process of a Request for Proposals (RFP) or a Request for Qualifications (RFQ). During the process there is a defined time when vendors may submit their proposal and or qualifications. RFPs and RFQs are opened in the City Council Chambers at the designated time and date the solicitations are due. During openings, vendors and the public may attend.

Public Notice Announcements

Current Bids, RFQ's, and RFP's

Land For Sale - Lake Secession - 300-3-2021

Request for Bids, Cambridge  Street House, Sale and Removal 300-7-2021

Request for Bid, Adams Drive Sidewalk Phase 1, 100-2-2021

Request for Qualifications, North Main Water Line, 300-8-2021

Results of Previous Bids, RFQ's & RFP's

Results - Rewind-001 Hydroelectric Generator Rewind

Results - 100-4-2020 RFQ Information Technology Services

Results - 100-5-2020 RFQ Architectural Design and CA Services Event Center

Results - 700-4-2020 Opera House Phase 3 Roof Renovations

Results - 700-5-2020 Opera House HVAC Upgrades

Results - 700-6-2020 Opera House Sound and Lighting Upgrades

Results - 700-7-2020 Opera House General Repairs

*Bidders Right to Protest: Per State Procurement, on projects 700-4-2020, 700-5-2020, 700-6-2020, 700-7-2020; Bidders will have the right to protest for up to 10 days from the date found on Notification of Awards when posted, after which, if no protests are received, the City will enter into a contract with the stated bidder.  This is pursuant to SC Code 11-35-410.