COVID-19 Safety Measures

While we’re excited to bring entertainment back to the Opera House, the health and safety of our patrons will remain at the forefront. 

 Below are a few things that patrons should be aware of. 

    Guests who are ill are encouraged not to attend, please check your temperature before coming to the performance (CDC defines fever as 100.4 or higher).

    The Opera House’s refund policy has been altered during this to allow guests who are not feeling well to receive refunds.

    Seating has been reduced to 50% capacity and reallocated to be staggered.

    Seats not available for use have been marked as such.

    Guests are required to wear masks throughout the performance. 

    All staff and volunteers will wear masks.

    Cleaning and sanitation regiments have been increased for high touch surfaces such as railings and door handles.

    Building doors and seating will open 45 minutes prior to the performance. There is No entry prior to that time. Sitting and loitering in the lobby will not be available.

We ask that you please bear with us during these times as we are doing our best to try to bring back live entertainment to our Historic Venue while ensuring the safety of our guest and patrrons.

The Opera House is happy to answer any questions you may have during this time. For further information please contact Emily Bledsoe at, 864-366-9673, or send the Opera House Facebook Page a Private Message.

  1. Emily Bledsoe

    Special Events Coordinator

  2. Mike Clary

    Deputy Administrative Officer