Upstate's Got Talent

Think you’ve got what it takes to be crowned the Upstate’s top talent? Whether you are a musician, dancer, comedian, or have another talent, join us for the first round of auditions! Winner will perform at the 2021 Spring Festival. Hosted by Jason Schroder. 

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Judging Information

  • Judges: 
    • Mike Elis
    • Benji Greeson
    • Ariel Robinson
    • Clay Page (Guest Judge)
    • Jeff Gates (Guest Judge)
  • Judging is based off the following criteria: 
    • Preparedness: Act is well rehearsed; brought props and other necessities; act memorized song, words, or choreography. 
    • Stage Presence: Act is confident, energetic, and engages with the audience; act is poised and professional; act feels free to show their emotions and appears to be enjoying performing; attire is neat and appropriate for the performance. 
    • Creativity: The act is unique, exciting, and memorable; demonstrates personality and originality.
    • Appropriateness: The act is appropriate in content and language and may be viewed by a diverse audience; act shows respect to the audience and other performers.
    • Delivery/Quality: Act performs at a skill level that is impressive; there are no/few mistakes; act is consistently in tune with good tone and timing; moves are polished.
  • Judging at Audition Shows
    • Winner is determined using the top 5 aggregate scores of judges
    • Audience selection of the 6th contestant to move on based on popular vote
    • 6 performers move on per show
  • Judging at Final Shows
    • Winner is determined by audience selection
    • 6 are eliminated after the first show
    • 3 are eliminated after the second show
    • Winner determined at third show

Got Talent