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Statement of Economic Impact due to COVID-19

  1. Answers to the following questions will be used to help gauge the economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the City of Abbeville. Participation in filling out this form is completely voluntary and not required. Please note that the information may be shared with state and federal agencies.
  2. Has the COVID-19 outbreak:
  3. Forced your business to reduce hours?*
  4. 2. Forced you to cut hours for employees? *
  5. Resulted in your business laying off employees? *
  6. Resulted in decreased sales? *
  7. Resulted in your business missing utility payments or other bills? *
  8. Agreement
    By signing below, I understand that the information provided in this form may be shared with other agencies besides the City of Abbeville who are working to develop responses to the COVID-19 outbreak which would alleviate some of the strain on small businesses. I also understand that filling out this form is voluntary and does not guarantee my business relief or aid from the federal, state, or local level.
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