Parks & Rec

The Recreation Department provides services and facilities to allow the community to enjoy their leisure time. Through the persistent efforts of the dedicated staff, we will continue to strive to meet these demands and provide the quality service expected by our citizens. 


Abbeville Youth Athletic Board

The Recreation Department works in conjunction with the Abbeville Youth Athletic (AYA) Board, which is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that sponsors the youth sports for the Abbeville community. This board strives to offer a quality program at a fair price. The AYA board has been very active in assisting the City with improvements to the facilities. This year the AYA board built a retaining wall at the Claude Simmons Dixie Youth Complex, along with assisting the City in purchasing new basketball goals in the gym.

City-Wide Support

The staff of the Recreation Department appreciates the support received by City Council, the community and administration. We look forward to the opportunity to provide quality leisure services for the City of Abbeville.