Non-Profit Beneficiary

Abbeville Youth Center

As a part of the Southern BBQ Network Competition, each event is require to name a beneficiary. Each year the City of Abbeville will choose a 501c(3) who serves the Abbeville community to receive the honor of being beneficiary. This does not entitle a non-profit to any monetary donation from the city, but will receive in kind a FREE booth space for the duration of the festival and promotion of the mission, vision, and values of the non-profit.

In order to create a fair and equitable process to determine each year's beneficiary the city has created a form (below) that will allow any 501c(3) who serves Abbeville to apply. The beneficiary will be chosen from a random draw of those who have applied. The beneficiary will be notified and asked if they accept the honor.

All who enter and are not chosen will automatically be entered into the next year's drawing. A non-profit may be eligible every three (3) years if chosen to ensure that a myriad of non-profits are represented from the community.