2023 Comprehensive Plan

The 2023 Comprehensive Plan can be viewed at the below link: 

2023 Comprehensive Plan

The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to provide a framework to help guide the development and redevelopment of the City of Abbeville during the next twenty years. This plan must be continually evaluated and revised as circumstances change. As required by State law, the Abbeville Planning Commission is responsible forreevaluating the various elements ofthis plan every five years and preparing a comprehensive revision of the entire Comprehensive Plan every ten years. This Comprehensive Plan updates and replaces the Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2012. These earlier planning documents were used as a foundation for this plan. 

Measures currently being implemented from 2023 Plan: 

  • Water and Sewer Infrastructure Improvements
    • North Main Waterline Project (Complete), Henry-Hillcrest Waterline Project (Complete), Upper Long Cane Waterline Project, Long Branch Sewer Rehabilitation Project, Haigler-Harrisburg Waterline Project
  • Electrical Infrastructure Improvements
    • Construction of the Lowndesville Tie-In Point
  • Renovation of 104 W Pickens into the new Police Department
  • Parks and Recreation Infrastructure
    • Chestnut Street Park Playground and Pavilion Project
    • Civic Center Renovation Phase 3
    • Adams Drive Park Project
  • Downtown Revitalization
    • Creation of Fire Suppression Reimbursement Incentive (Complete)
  • Transportation Infrastructure
    • Raymond and Johns Paving
    • Brooks, Maple, and Standpipe Paving
    • E. Pickens Streetscape

Measures Implemented from 2012 Plan:

 • Purchase of 104 W. Pickens for Future Police Department

  • Renovation work to begin in 2023-2024 

• Utilization of Automated Garbage Collection Truck 

• Creation of the Community Development Department to implement Economic Development Initiatives: Business Recruitment, Retention, Events, Tourism, Downtown Revitalization Plan 

• Investments to Upgrade Electrical, Water, and Sewer Infrastructure 

• Enhanced Code Enforcement to Promote Stable and Safe Neighborhoods 

• Construction of new Housing within the City (The Refinery) 

• Investments and upgrades to the City’s Parks 

  • Wilson Hill, Adams Drive, Chestnut 

Measures Implemented from 2005 Plan: 

• Development and distribution of a brochure highlighting the assets of Abbeville and Abbeville County. 

• Adoption of Manufactured Housing Zoning regulations. 

• Adoption of revised Land Development Regulations. 

• The widening of Highway 72